FCorp - Imaging


An all in one software to work with your pictures


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If you work with your pics quite a bit, then you definitely need a good tool that lets you easily and comfortably edit and manage them. FCorp – Imaging helps you carry on any of these tasks with ease.

With this tool you can find any pics that are duplicated and taking up space so you can delete them and clean your device’s memory. You can also rotate the pictures to any position or classify them by name, folder, size, aspect ratio, dimension, type of image or date, among others.

One of the main features of the app is that you can modify the extension of an element. Doing so lets you turn an image into dozens of different formats that are compatible with your viewer. Don’t ever suffer from compatibility issues again. Use this app whenever you need to easily rotate an image, view an element in a particular device or organize your image library to fit your needs.
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